Mama Life to 3 ninjas and a princess

January 27, 2021

The corona virus pandemic has been a very trying season in our lives. We have still not gone back to school face to face. We have been doing virtual school since the beginning of the new year. But we get to go back part time starting next Tuesday. There have been so many questions in this season for this mama. It feels like most days I have just been ‘surviving’. I’m not proud of this. But I know that God gives grace upon grace in the tough seasons of our lives.

My circumstances can’t define me. I want to be the fun mom but lately with being at home all the time and struggling through virtual school. I find myself angry and constantly yelling at the boys. I want to find a way back to enjoying my blessings instead of wishing I could find a way to get away from them.

Last September I knew I needed to take back my health so I joined this facebook group E2M and it has changed our lives for the better. I was not feeling well with pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. Tired all the time. I changed my diet to mostly vegetables and lean meat and added exercise back into my life. I used to run everyday but somehow with being a busy mom I just didn’t find the time to run anymore. And the holidays didn’t help, I fell off the wagon quite a bit. The start of 2021 has been rough and I’ve had a hard time jumping back into exercising and keeping on the diet.

I have found some wonderful blogs with healthy food ideas., Mel’s Kitchen is one of my favorites for all things and some new healthy choices. I love to bake so eating healthy has been extremely hard. So I bake for any possible occasion that needs a dessert.

I’ve started reading through the Bible for this year. I have been enjoying doing this again. When things are turned upside down the word of God has always been a source of comfort and peace. Trusting and resting in my creator in this stage of life instead of wishing it away.

One huge blessing is that Joshua and Emma Kate have been able to go to mother’s morning out since September. They are getting to interact with friends which is so awesome for them. And Joshua is getting ready for Kindergarten. How did that happen???

In this blog, I will share food, kid ideas, projects and anything else we go through. And the funny things of life too.

So many things to talk about. We live on a acre with 2 cats, 12 chickens and a 4 month old Aussie puppy. Life is never dull. Trey has ADHD which has its challenges. Currently Emma Kate loves to strip down to her birthday suit and gets into things.